Rent a Cleaner Cape Town

Rent a cleaner Cape Town

Rent a cleaner Cape Town is a affordable way for clients to get cleaning services dropped right at their doorstep. AUCC’s cleaners are carefully selected and fully trained to provide our customers with exceptional domestic cleaning services for their homes or businesses. Need to contract a cleaner daily, weekly, monthly? Get in touch with us today to find out more by clicking here or fill out our form submission below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How can we help you? 

    Reliable Domestic Cleaning Services In Cape Town

    Reliable domestic cleaning services in Cape Town you can count on. We eliminate non human interaction when it comes to making bookings. Instead we want to chat and aim to make you feel at ease with peace of mind knowing that your booking is confirmed and secured. Sit back and have our trained cleaning ladies in Cape Town take care of your specific cleaning needs. With so many years experience as a cleaning company in Cape Town our once off and contracted cleaners provide more then just a clean. Our cleaners love what they do and will always go the extra mile trying to exceed customer expectation.

    What type of cleaning services can our cleaners handle?

    Anything from a light spring clean to a detail deep clean, laundry, windows, glass, mold, tiles and so much more. List your chore and experience what the best domestic cleaning company Cape Town has to offer. Affordable rent a cleaner Cape Town packages that fit your budget and save you lots of time and headaches. Book today, Call: 0872654244 or Email:

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