Pavement Cleaning Kuils River


Pavement Cleaning Kuils River company has many years of experience cleaning pavements. Our pavement cleaners follow a strict protocol and cleaning method specifically designed to give you your moneys worth when cleaning your paving. Pavements tend to build up moss and algae due to bacteria and moisture exposure. The build up of organic organisms can damage your paving as well as cause a slippery platform putting yourself and others at risk of getting injured. Our pavement cleaners in Kuils River & surrounds uses a chemical compound specifically designed to kill organic organisms and clean your pavement.

AUCC provides its customers with more then just one service. Click on any of the below services for more information.


Pavement Cleaning Method

Following a strict guideline that has been perfected over the years which consists of using a specific chemical mix ratio combined with impact bristle brushing and the latest state of the art pressure cleaning system will get your pavements clean & looking like new again.

Pavements Sand Filling

In order to refill the grouting lines of the paving with sand the area in question needs to be dry and clear of any debris. Once dry our technicians will first do a dry clean of the surface and grout lines. The selected sand will be worked in stroking strategically to fill the grout lines. The area will be misted giving the sand time to set into the grout lines and then filled again until a satisfying even sand gap filling has been achieved.

Pavement Sealing Kuils River

Our Kuils River Pavement Cleaning company can also seal pavements which is a process dealt with on its own and follows a day after our cleaning process has been completed. Sealing your pavement is optional. The benefits from this will have your paving last longer and protects penetration from stains.

Repairing & Installing Paving

Our Kuils River Pavement Cleaning teams posses skills, knowledge and years of experience combined to assist repairing or newly install paving for our clients.



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